Worldwide threat to Christians

“Daash” threatens to target Christians in Arab countries and the world

Photo caption: The execution of citizens in Syria at the hands of “Daash”

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3 July 2015

Italian intelligence : 10 western thousands joined the organization .. Washington : $3 billion cost of the war on “Daash.” Threatened to organize “Daash” targeting Christians in the Arab countries and the world under the pretext of fighting them to Islam, and the leader of the organization, Obuljman Aljhbzy, in an article published “forearm” Foundation Media, a subsidiary of “Daash,” said that the organization plans to break into the states, which includes Christians and the invasion of their homes and burning their farms and the destruction of civilizations and the killing of men, women and children captive , claiming that it will end open Rome and raise the banner of Islam on them.

In turn, British Defense Secretary, Michael Fallon, hinted yesterday to a possible shift in his country’s policy toward the war on “Daash” at a time when the British government is seeking parliamentary approval to allow direct blows to organize inside Syria, and said « Falun » It is illogical Chen that the Royal air Force aircraft air strikes against “Daash” in Iraq does not do so in Syria, and announced the U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon) the rate of the cost of the war in Syria and Iraq, rising to 9.2 million dollars a day.

And the transfer of Radio « Sawa » U.S. the ministry as saying, yesterday, he said that “the military campaign against Daash, which began last August approached $3 billion so far costs.” And it warned the Pentagon that the danger of another war is increasing, adding that some countries and groups threaten world peace.

According to a report of the Italian intelligence titled “on information policy for the sake of security,” the 10 thousand western people who have joined the “Daash,” has been monitoring and identification of four thousand of them all, of whom 1,500 residents in France, and 1,000 in Britain, 700 from Germany, 500 from the Balkans, especially Albania, and more than 400 from the Netherlands and Belgium.