Sexual Slavery

These are some of the many reports and articles regarding sexual slavery of so-called-Daesh. See our In the News page for additional articles.

These reports feature Yezidis, and to the best of our knowledge Yezidis are singled out for the most brutal and horrific torture imaginable. Please keep in mind, however, that hundreds of Assyrian Christians are also enslaved as sex slaves, and perhaps other women and girls as well.

Sex Slavery Document 1 – “Senior UN official warns of ‘widespread and systematic’ sexual violence in Syria, Iraq.” UN News Centre. 7 May 2015. <>
Sex Slavery Document 2 – “Escape from Hell, Amnesty International Report on torture sexual slavery in Islamic State captivity in Iraq.” Amnesty International. 2014. <>
Sex Slavery Document 3 – “Iraq: ISIS Escapees Describe Systematic Rape.” Human Rights Watch. 15 April 2015. <>
Sex Slavery Document 4 – “Jihadi bride: ‘I rejoiced when we had our first sex slave,’” by Robert Spencer. 22 May 2015. <> (The article quotes Zainab Bangura.)
Sex Slavery Document 5 – “UN Official: ISIS forces girls to undergo virginity surgeries, marry them off 20 times,” by Mary Chastain. Breitbart. 8 May 2015. <> (This article also quotes Zainab Bangura.)
Sex Slavery Document 6 – “Yazidi Victims of Mass Rape Threatened with Death upon Release from ISIS Captivity,” by Dr. Phyllis Chesler. Breitbart. 28 May 2015. <>
Sex Slavery Document 7 – “Islamic State and the changing rights of Yazidi women, Rachel Browne on the future faced by Yazidi women recently released from Islamic State captivity,” by Rachel Browne. MacClean’s. April 15, 2015. <>
Sex Slavery Document 8 – “Isis Fighters Force Yazidi Girl to Recite Verses from Koran as they Rape her,” by Rachel Browne. 15 April 2015. <>
 Sex Slavery Document 9 – “ISIS rapists pour boiling water on teenage victim’s leg for refusing sex.” Zee News India. 1 June 2015. <>