Save Us From Genocide campaign reports

“They came to destroy” Crimes of so-called-ISIS Against the Yazidis as of 15 June 2016.

Brief Report on the Genocide of Yezidis and Assyrian Christians as of 3 July 2015.

The-urgent-need-for-the-prevention-of-genocide-of-the-Assyrians-and-Yezidis-in-Iraq-12-June-2015 To use the Table of Contents to find your way around this 210 page report, click on the link and when you get to the report, follow the prompts at the bottom of the screen to download it. The annotated Table of Contents begins on page 205.

12 June 2015. Statement by the Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide, the Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Responsibility to Protect, the Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues and the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief, on the situation in Syria.’%20statement%20on%20the%20situation%20in%20Syria.pdf