In the News 2015 to present

In the News subsequent to November 2016:

12 October 2017. Recruiting Jews to the Cause of Persecuted Yazidis, One Synagogue at a Time. Los Angeles Jewish Journal.

10 February 2017. A sex slave survivor fights back. Los Angeles Jewish Journal.

9 February 2017. The forgotten genocide: While Yazidis struggle for existence, the world does little to help. Los Angeles Jewish Journal.

31 August 2017. Life After ISIS Slavery for Yazidi Women and Children. The New Yorker.

14 August 2017. Iraq seeks international help to investigate Islamic State crimes. Reuters.

27 July 2017. Freed From ISIS, Yazidi Women Return in ‘Severe Shock’. New York Times.

23 July 2017. Why has no Islamic State member been charged for the 2014 Yazidi Genocide? Jerusalem Post.

In the News: March 2015 to October 2016:

27 October 2016. 2 Yazidi women who escaped Islamic State win human rights prize. Associated Press. (S.F. Chronicle)

14 July 2016. Yazidi Lalish to be built near Yerevan

12 July 2016. Inside look at U.S.-led coalition’s deadliest single attack on ISIL. USA Today.

12 July 2016. Inside ISIS: Quietly preparing for the loss of the ‘caliphate’. Washington Post.

10 July 2016. US government’s Arabic messages are making headway in its social media war with Isis.

10 July 2016. Isis’ Twitter traffic down by 45% in two years as the US enlists help of tech companies. IB Times.

6 July 2016. Assyrians in Iraqi Kurdistan Complain About Land Seizure. AINA.

5 July 2016. Iraq’s Religious Ethnic Minorities on Verge of Disappearing: Report. Newsweek.

5 July 2016. Greeks blocking resettlement of Yazidi in Portugal. Portugal News Online.

5 July 2016. Daesh builds database of slaves, starts to sell Yazidi women over smartphone apps. Daily Sabah.

2 July 2016. Catholics Rally to Aid the Displaced in Iraq. AINA.

30 June 2016. An Uncertain Future for Minorities in a Post-ISIS Iraq. AINA.

30 June 2016. Reports: U.S.-led airstrikes kill at least 250 ISIL fighters near Fallujah. USA Today.

28 June 2016. Zainab Bangura, “Mother” of the Yezidis.

27 June 2016. ISIS Suicide Bomb Attack Kills Christians in Lebanon. By Stoyan Zaimov. Christian Post.

25 June 2016. Persecuted Christians in Mideast ‘cannot wait’ any longer for help, escaped ISIS sex slave tells U.S. Congress.

24 June 2016. European Parliament Member Sends Letter on Assyrian Rights to Kurdish Government. AINA.

24 June 2016. For Assyrians: What Future in Iraq? AINA.

24 June 2016. Yazidis in Chicagoland fear genocide will destroy ancient faith, culture. Chicago Tribune.

24 June 2016. Yazidi MP Vian Dakhil Addresses UN Human Rights Council on Genocide Report. UN Watch.

16 June 2016. U.N. Report says terror group has sought to destroy the ethnic and religious minority through mass killings, other abuses. Wall Street Journal.

15 June 2016. “They came to destroy”:  Crimes of so-called-ISIS against the Yazidis. Report prepared by the United Nations Human Rights Council.

13 June 2016. Why Amal Clooney has brought a renewed hope for justice for the Yazidi people. Newsweek.

9 June 2016. ISIS Video Shows Explosion Of A 3,000-Year-Old Assyrian Temple. Huffington Post.

6 June 2016. 19 Yazidi girls burned alive for refusing to have sex with their ISIS captors. Fox News.

4 June 2016. Iraqi Assyrian Says ISIS Fighters ‘Married, Divorced’ Her 9 Times a Night for Rape. Assyrian International News Agency and Christian Post.

29 May 2016. Islamic State sex slaves apparently being sold on Facebook for $8,000. Chicago Tribune.

29 May 2016. Assyrian leaders concerned over Chaldean Patriarch’s call not to arm Christian militias. Christian Daily.

28 May 2016. Child rapist ISIS fighter who laughed about buying ‘blue-eyed’ sex slaves at market is captured. UK Mirror.

26 May 2016. Assyrian leaders hit back at Patriarch’s call for Christian militias not to be armed.

26 May 2016. Report: Over 2,700 Yezidi children lost parents to ISIS. Rudaw.

23 May 2016. Iraq’s Yazidi women: ‘Islamic State murdered our husbands. Now we’re alone’. The Telegraph.

21 May 2016. Yazidi escapees of ISIL’s youth training camps tell their harrowing stories.

21 May 2016. 3,000 Yazidi Children Left Orphans After ISIS Rampage in Sinjar. AhlulBayt News Agency.

2 May 2016. Statement of the Stated Clerk of the Presbyterian Church (USA) on acts of genocide globally.

19 April 2016. Turkey Seizes Last 6 Christian Churches in Diyarbakir as ‘State Property’. Christian Post.

4 April 2016. EXCLUSIVE: ‘I Was Beaten, Starved’, Former Daesh Child Slave Tells Sputnik.

18 March 2016. United States Commission on International Religious Freedom Welcomes Genocide Determination; Urges Focus as well on al-Assad Regime 

16 March 2016. Only Armenian/Assyrian in Congress Applauds House Genocide Resolution. By Barbara Hollingsworth. CNS News.

14 March 2016. 19 Yezidis brought home from ISIS captivity. Rudaw.

14 March 2016. Hundreds of Christian books burned at hands of ISIS extremists northern Iraq. ARA News.

14 March 2016. Yazidi woman held as Isis sex slave ‘abused every day’ for seven months. Independent. U.K.

12 March 2016. Sick ISIS fighters force sex slaves to take Pill so they can keep raping them. The Sun.

11 March 2016. ‘They raped us – I thought my baby would be Daesh’: Teenage Yazidi sex slave tells how she escaped from ISIS – but had to leave her child behind. Daily Mail.

10 March 2016. Congressman Donovan, Religious Leaders Urge Kerry to Denounce ISIS Actions as Genocide. By Menachem Rephun. JP Updates.

10 March 2016. Coptic Bishop calls for killing of populations in Middle East to be declared genocide. Independent Catholic News.

10 March 2016. ISIS has established an international sex ring by smuggling kidnapped Yazidi slaves into countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Chechnya, freed women reveal. Daily Mail.

9 March 2016. Tens of Yazidi Captives Go Missing in North-East Syria. Ahlul Bayt News Agency.

9 March 2016. Yazidi women: The ISIL sex slaves the world forgot. Euro News.

8 March 2016. New Assyrian Iraqi Militia Registers to Lobby in Washington. By Julia Hattern. AINA.

8 March 2016. Rural school under fire for link with Iraqi camp. By Cyril Dixon, Sunday Express.

7 March 2016. Abducted and trafficked by the militant group Islamic State. BBC

5 March 2016. An Assyrian American Woman’s Lonely Fight to Save Her People from Extinction. By Felice Friedson. The medialine.

5 March 2016. Kurdish forces free 31 Yezidi abductees after storming ISIS detention center on Syria-Iraq border. ARA News.

3 March 2016. Doctor Caring for Rescued Yazidi Sex Slaves Shares Their Horrible Stories — Including the 8-Year-Old Repeatedly Sold and Raped. Sharona Schwartz.

3 March 2016. Germany offers support to traumatized Yazidi slaves of ISIS.

2 March 2016. Abducted Yezidi girls moved to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Chechnya; officials say.Rudaw.

1 March 2016. More than 1,000 Yazidi Women Receiving Treatment in Germany. Ahlul Bayt News Agency.

1 March 2016. Eight-Year-Old Yazidi Girl Sets Herself on Fire to Prevent Islamic State Rape. Breitbart.

28 February 2016. Yazidi rape victims seek healing in Germany after ISIS ‘hell’. Al Arabiya

28 February 2016. Christian Persecution by ISIS is Not Going Away Despite Christian Hostages Being Released – Meanwhile Egypt Convicts Coptic Christians for Insulting Islam. By Dee Sharp. Inquisitr.

27 February 2016. As ISIS progresses in western Syria, Ismaili minority fears similar fate as Yezidis. ARA News.

27 February 2016. Sinjar Mayor Accuses Baghdad of Blocking Financial Rights. NRT.

27 February 2016. ‘It was such pain, such humiliation’: 18-year-old describes her life as an ISIS sex slave. By Pamela Engel. Business Insider.

27 February 2016. After escape from ISIS, Yazidi children turn new page with books. By James Haines-Young. Al Arabiya English.

26 February 2016. IS news: Remaining 43 Assyrian hostages released after one year. By Rosemarie Alba. Christian Examiner.

25 February 2016. ‘Every rape felt like I was being cut up inside’ ISIS sex slave reveals horrifying abuse. By Rebecca Perring.

24 February 2016. How to Help the Women and Girls Rescued from Islamic State. By Leanne Simpson. Newsweek.

23 February 2016. ISIS Keeps Closer Eye on Enslaved Yazidi Women After Series of Dramatic Rescues Strike at the Heart of the ‘Caliphate’

18 February 2016. The Assyrian Human rights activist Sawo Ide Oshana arrested by Turkish police. Assyria TV.

18 February 2016. Can the Children Who Survive the Wars in Syria and Iraq Be Saved?

9 February 2016. Iran-backed Militia Seize Christian Neighborhoods in Baghdad by Lisa Daftari. AINA.

30 January 2016. ISIS Executes Dozens of Its Own Militants for Attempting Dissidence. AINA.

30 January 2016. Iraq: Protect Mass Graves, Evidence of Possible ISIS Genocide Endangered. Human Rights Watch.

29 January 2016. New Report Uncovers 35 Yazidi Mass Graves in Iraq.

29 January 2016. IS killed 3,895 in Syria since caliphate proclamation. La Presna.

27 January 2016. Thousands have been abused by Isis and their mental health is shattered. The Guardian.

29 January 2016. Dispatches: ‘Virginity Testing’ to End for Yezidi Rape Survivors. Human Rights Watch.

26 January 2016. Assyrian Confederation of Europe Calls for End to Turkish Bombings of Assyrian Areas. AINA.

22 January 2016. ISIS extremists abduct two Yezidis north Iraq

23 January 2016. Turkey and the Kurds: Widening the Conflict. The Economist.

23 January 2016. Kurdish groups staking claim to Sinjar after recapture from ISIL. By HAŞİM SÖYLEMEZ. Today’s Zaman.

20 January 2016. YDpersecuting Assyrians in Syria: Assyrian Federation head

20 January 2016. Assyrian Christian village targeted by Turkish jet bombings while nearby Muslim village left unharmed. The Christian Times.

19 January 2016. Yazidi sex slaves recount ordeal: “ISIS terrorists raped 12-year-old without mercy.” Z News India.

19 January 2016. ISIS holding 3,500 slaves in Iraq, U.N. says. CBS News.

18 January 2016. A Gruesome Christmas Under Islam. By Raymond Ibrahim. AINA.

18 January 2016. Turkish Jets Bomb Assyrian Village in North Iraq. AINA.

18 January 2016. Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Mediates Between Assyrians and Kurds in Qamishli. By Bar Daisan. AINA.

18 January 2016. Iraq: Christian village bombed by Turkish army. Independent Catholic News.

17 January 2016. Syria says IS group killed 300 in attacks in country’s east. Times Union.

16 January. Cultural Cleansing in Mosul and Nineveh. By Mary McCleary. AINA.

15 January 2016. Isis Reportedly Abducts Nearly 400 Children. Opposing Views.

15 January 2016. Isis Reportedly Abducts Nearly 400 Children. Opposing Views.

15 January 2016. Isis has abducted up to 400 Yazidi children and could be using them as suicide bombers. Independent.

14 January 2016. ISIS Release 16 Assyrian Hostages in Syria, Including 8 Children. AINA.

13 January 2016. ‘ISIS Training Yazidi Children As Suicide Bombers’ An Iraqi source told Egyptian news outlet Al-Ahram that Yazidi children are being trained in special camps to be suicide bombers for ISIS. The Clarion Project.

13 January 2016. Fatwa Explains IS Rules About Sex Slaves. Voice of America.

13 January 2016. Yezidi vulnerability before ISIS. Kurdistan 24 Television.

9 January 2016. Shingal militia claims Baghdad providing salaries and arms. Rudaw.

9 January 2016. Assyrians Walk 10 Hours in Dark of Night to Escape ISIS. By Stoyan Zaimov. Christian Post.

8 January 2016. Iranian government takes church from Chaldean Catholics to turn into Shi’ite shrine. By Mark Woods. Christian Today.

8 January 2016. Isis bans selling of sex slaves after Yazidi women are bought and rescued: Monitoring agency. By Mugdha Variyar. International Business Times.

8 January 2016. Little Christian girl, 7, speaks of ISIS brow-beating. Koran recitations, physical torture retold in U.N. refugee camp by Yazidis. By Bill Devlin. Washington Times.

7 January 2016. Refugees, Radicals and the Assaults on German Women. By Peter Ahern. AINA.

6 January 2016. Video: ‘Convert or die’ – Stranded Yazidi refugees on ISIS threats. Belfast Telegraph.

3 January 2016. ISIS ransacks Christian churches, homes, cemeteries. By Michael F. Haverluck. NE News Now.

3 January 2016. Dozens of ISIS sex slaves will find shelter on the Gold Coast after a journalist’s extraordinary journey. Herald Sun.

1 January 2016. We condemn heinous attack against civilians in Zalin, Qamishli, Syria to the people of the Bethnarin and International Media. European Syriac Union.

1 January 2016. Assyrian Churches mourn victims of terror attacks in Syria’s Qamishli on New Year’s Eve. Ara News.

1 January 2015. Isis ‘forced us to pray – then raped us’: Yazidi survivor Nadia Murad describes life as a sex slave in northern Iraq. Independent.

31 December 2015. ISIS militants behead Iraqi man for helping Yezidi ‘sex slaves’ escape Mosul. AhlulBayt News Agency.

30 December 2015. Jihadists Holding over 3,000 Yazidis Hostage, Says Activist. Lebanese Republic News Agency.

30 December 2015. Over 3,000 Yazidis held hostage. World Bulletin.

29 December 2015. Exclusive: Islamic State ruling aims to settle who can have sex with female slaves. By Jonathan Landay, Warren Strobel and Phil Stewart. Reuters.

29 December 2015. ISIL fatwa details 15 rules for raping female slaves without violating religious law. National Post.

29 December 2015. Clinton calls IS killings of Christians, Yazidis ‘genocide’. By Kathleen Ronayne. Associated Press. Fox News.

29 December 2015. Clinton: Islamic State persecution of Christians, Yazidis, a genocide. By Amanda Becker. Reuters.

29 December 2015. Clinton: Islamic State Persecution of Christians, Yazidis, A Genocide. Newsweek. Reuters

28 December 2015. Former İHD head: Killing of Elçi, Dink, assassination attempt on me part of same plot. Today’s Zaman.

28 December 2015. Killed ISIS Commander’s Cell Phone Shows Direct Ties To Turkish Intelligence. By Justin King. Mint Press.

28 December 2015. Sources Confirm Turkey’s Slave Trade; Kurds say it’s just 1 way ISIS raises money to finance terror. WND.

28 December 2015. Escaped Yazidi hostage calls upon Al-Sisi and universities to confront IS. Egypt Daily News.

27 December 2015. Kurdish PM Meets With Assyrian Patriarch. By Hisham Arafat. AINA.

27 December 2015. Christians are Genocide Victims Too.

26 December 2015. Islamic State “releases 25 more Assyrian Christian hostages”. Pan Armenian Network.

26 December 2015. ‘You will stay here until you die’: one woman’s rescue from Isis. The Guardian.

26 December 2015. Anglican leader warns of Christian ‘elimination’ in Middle East by IS. I24News.

26 December 2015. ISIS Bomb Assyrian Homes, Monastery in Iraq, Cemeteries Vandalized. AINA.

26 December 2015. Dozens of Iraq’s Yezidi families return home after ISIS withdrawal. ARA.

25 December 2015. Turkish Lawyers Sue After Report That Daesh Slave Trade Extends Into Turkey. Sputnik International.


24 December 2015. Finding Jesus Everywhere, Even in a War Zone. AINA News.

23 December 2015. German Report: Turkey, ISIS in Massive Slave Trade. By Gordon Duff. Veterans Today.

22 December 2015. 700,000 Assyrians Have Left Iraq Over Last 10 Years. AINA.

22 December 2015. The Latest: 11 migrants seeking to reach Greece drown off Turkey; 7 others rescued. Associated Press.

22 December 2015. Global Justice Center Urges International Criminal Court to Investigate ISIS’s Genocide against Yazidi Women and Girls. PRWEB.

18 December 2015. U.N. Security Council adopts Resolution 2254 regarding steps toward a ceasefire in Syria and related issues.

17 December 2015. U.N. Security Council adopts Resolution 2253 Expands Sanctions Framework to Include Islamic State in Iraq and Levant. See preamble as well as Annex 1(a)(iii) and 1(o) regarding kidnapping and ransom.

4 December 2015. Kurdish Officials Hunt for Terrorist Behind Yazidi Massacre. U.S. News and World Report.

29 November 2015. ISIS Oil Trade Full Frontal: “Raqqa’s Rockefellers”, Bilal Erdogan, KRG Crude, And The Israel Connection. By Tyler Durden.

20 November 2015. U.N. Security Council ‘Unequivocally’ Condemns ISIL Terrorist Attacks, Unanimously Adopting Text that Determines Extremist Group Poses ‘Unprecedented’ Threat.  See point 3. Condemns also in the strongest terms the continued gross, systematic and widespread abuses of human rights and violations of humanitarian law, as well as barbaric acts of destruction and looting of cultural heritage carried out by ISIL also known as Da’esh; and point 4. Reaffirms that those responsible for committing or otherwise responsible for terrorist acts, violations of international humanitarian law or violations or abuses of human rights must be held accountable.

13 October 2015. U.N. Security Council regarding women in the prevention and resolution of conflict and related issues concerning women and women’s organizations.

8 October 2015. Monitor: Three Assyrian Hostages Executed by ISIS. By Polly Mosendz. Newsweek.

5 October 2015. Islamic State Kills 19 Women for Refusing Sex. The New Indian Express.

29 September 2015. Iraq’s Yazidis Take Claims Of Genocide By ISIS To International Criminal Court. Mint Press News.

22 September 2015. Pentagon confirms airstrikes killed jihadi ‘facilitator’ of Yazidi slaves in Iraq, French bomb expert in Syria. The Japan Times.

8 September 2015. Iraqi Yezidis Seek Refuge in Armenia. Institute for War and Peace Reporting

8 September 2015.The Christian militia taking on Islamic State in Iraq. By Dan Damon. BBC News

8 September 2015. Yazidi Teenager Details How ISIS Taught Boys to Kill and Behead.By Mary Chastain

7 September 2015.Yazidis Settle in Nebraska, but Roots Run Deep in Iraq. By MITCH SMITH. The New York Times

7 September 2015. Lord Carey: Britain has a duty to rescue Syria’s Christians. By Lord George Carey. The Telegraph

7 September 2015. Syrian Priest, 270 Christian and Muslim Hostages Kidnapped by Islamic Militants Reportedly Alive. By Stoyan Zaimov

7 September 2015.UN Special Envoy Meets Representatives Of Yazidi Community In Iraq RTT News

6 September 2015. Vian Dakhil: Over 2K Kurdish Yezidis rescued from ISIS RUDAW

5 September 2015.Assyrians Escape Terrorism and Tyranny in Syria. By Ahmed Shiwesh AINA (Assyrian International News Agency)

4 September 2015. Warzones Risk Creating a Lost Generation of Children in the Middle East and North Africa. By Samuel Oakford. Vice News

4 September 2015.ISIS Issues 11 Commandments for Christians to Obey. By Stoyan Zaimov Christian Post

3 September 2015. Syrian Church Leader Begs Christians to Stay Despite War and Persecution. By Stoyan Zaimov. Christian Post

3 September 2015. Iraq: The Other, More Important, War . From Strategy Page

2 September 2015.‘I want a blue-eyed Yazidi’: teen describes IS slave market. By Michel Moutot AFP

2 September 2015.  Former ICC prosecutor recognizes Yezidi genocide. By Campbell MacDiarmid RUDAW

2 September 2015. FMR. International Criminal Court Prosecutor Supports Efforts to Call Yazidi Massacre Genocide. NRT Television.

1 September 2015. Assyrians Walk 10 Hours in Dark of Night to Escape ISIS. By Stoyan Zaimov AINA (Assyrian International News Agency

30 August 2015. How to Help Yazidi Girls and Women. By Claire Berlinski, Ed.

29 August 2015. Yazidi Girl Marries After Escaping Islamic State. By Herman Khalid.

29 August 2015. Kurdish Yazidis to establish governing council. Rudaw.

29 August 2015. Yazidi Girl Marries After Escaping Islamic State. By Herman Khalid.

28 August 2015. U.S. Government Should Stop Prosecution of Assyrian Attorney. By Ameel Yowash. AINA.

26 August 2015. Departing Dutch ambassador: Make Iraq a country where people want to stay. By Judit Neurink. Rudaw.

26 August 2015. 9-Y-O ISIS Sex Slaves Reveal Brutal Ritualistic Rapes, Barbaric Treatment of Girls Sold at Sex Slave Market. By Hermoine Macura. CP World.

24 August 2015. Obama Targets Lawyer Helping Persecuted Christians. By Leo Hohmann. AINA (Assyrian International News Agency)

24 August 2015. ‘I would rather sacrifice my life’: Yazidi women taking revenge on ISIS share with RT. Russia Today

24 August 2015. Islamic State: A Caliphate Of Torture And Rape – OpEd. By Laila Khoudeida and Joshua Landis

24 August 2015. UNESCO chief: IS systematically destroying heritage sites. By Karin Laub and Albert Aji, Associated Press

22 August 2015. ISIL ‘plans to send AIDS militants on suicide missions’. By Gizem Adal

22 August 2015. Fleeing ISIS, Assyrians Travel ‘Underground Railroad’. By Peter Rowe and Tatiana Sanchez AINA (Assyrian International News Agency)

22 August 2015.  Assyrian Plight: The Untold Story. By Mardean Isaac. AINA (Assyrian International News Agency)

22 August 2015. ISIL ‘plans to send AIDS militants on suicide missions’.

21 August 2015. 16 ISIS Fighters Contract HIV From Moroccan Sex Slaves, Ordered to Become Suicide Bombers. The Christian Post.

21 August 2015. 16 ISIS Fighters Contract HIV From Moroccan Sex Slaves, Ordered to Become Suicide Bombers. By Stoyan Zaimov. Christian Post.

21 August 2015. ISIS’ ‘Beheading, Raping, Selling’ of Christians Is Not Being Stopped by Obama and World Leaders. By Stoyan Zaimov

21 August 2015. ISIS Destroys 5th Century Assyrian Monastery in Syria. AINA (Assyrian International News Agency)

20 August 2015. All-Female Yazidi Brigade Combating ISIS. By Abra Forman, Breaking Israel News

20 August 2015. The persistence of history,Islamic State’s revival of slavery, The Economist

20 August 2015. The Islamic State’s horrifying practice of sex slavery, explained. By Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

20 August 2015. Armenia 1915–Yazidis 2015 by Edmond Azadian, The Armenian Mirror-Spectator

20 August 2015. Iraqi Assyrians Take Up Arms to Regain Lost Land. By Saad Salloum, AINA (Assyrian International News Agency)

20 August 2015.PHOTOS: ISIS removes Assyrian and Greek monuments in Nineveh. By Abdelhak Mamoun, Iraqi News

20 August 2015. Jihadists Release Syrian Priest, 22 Elderly Assyrians. By Barbara G. Baker.

15 August 2015. What’s the deal with ISIS? By Andrew Kille.

15 August 2015. Assyrian Captives of ISIS Appeal for Help in Video. AINA. (Assyrian International News Agency)

15 August 2015. Mass graves of Yezidi victims found in northern Iraq. By Sarbaz Yousef. Ara News.

“”He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God,” a 12-year-old rape victim told The New York Times.” 14 August 2015. ISIS’s Theology Of Rape: Sunni Jihadist Group Justifies Sex Slavery, Makes Part Of Worship. By Som Paditar. HNGN.

14 August 2015. Syria: Isis ‘Cut to Pieces’ Kidnapped Christian Priest after Forcing Family to Pay $120,000 as Ransom. By Johnlee Varghese. International Business Times.

14 August 2015. America’s Heartland Helps Iraq’s Yazidis. By Greg Flakus. Voice of America.

13 August 2015. Report on Turkish and Kurdish Confiscation of Assyrian Property. By Augin Kurt Haninke.

13 August 2015. ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape. By Rukmini Callimachi. New York Times.

13 August 2015. ‘World has forgotten us’: Obama administration denies asylum to most Yazidis who fled ISIL. World

12 August 2015. Kidnapped Priest Killed, Chopped Up by ISIS as ‘Christians Become a Form of Currency’ in Mid-East War, Says Aid to the Church in Need. By Hermoine Macura. CP World.

11 August 2015. One Year on From Mount Sinjar Seige, Yazidi MP Tells the World: ‘You Have Abandoned Us.” By Donna Rachel Edmonds. Breitbart.

11 August 2015. Over 15,000 Assyrian Christian Families in Danger From ISIS Following Mass Kidnappings of Hundreds. By Stoyan Zaimov. Christian Post.

10 August 2015. Yazidis left to their fate in Iraq: ‘The world has forgotten us’ By Richard Spencer

8 August 2015. Syria: Isis Kidnaps Over 250 Christians As Sex-Slave Price List Leaked. The Global Dispatch.

8 August 2015. Uncertainty and anger at Kurdish Yezidi refugee camp. By Kurt Nagl and Hajir Sharifi

8 August 2015. ISIS Executes 19 Female Prisoners for Refusing to Practice ‘Sexual Jihad’ By Cormac Fitzgerald

8 August 2015. Archbishop Recalls Terror That Forced Iraqi Assyrians to Flee for Their Lives. By Debra Black

8 August 2015. Peshmerga, US strikes fail to dislodge ‘Islamic State’

8 August 2015. Yazidi Child Soldiers Take Revenge on ISIS. By Mat Wolf. The Daily Beast.

7 August 2015. Jewish businessman spearheads rescue of Christians and Yazidis By Peter Kavanagh, Mark Brolly.

7 August 2015. U.N. Security Council adopts Resolution 2235 regarding the use of chemical and biological warfare in Syria.

6 August 2015. Assyrians Held for Months By US After Crossing Mexican Border in Asylum Bid. By Cody Derespina.

6 August 2015. Arab officials blast Barzani’s comments on Shingal. RUDAW.

6 August 2015. ISIS gives Yazidi women to its elements for free.

5 August 2015. Isis Price List For Yazidi And Christian Females As Young As One Confirmed As Genuine By UN Official. By Sarah Ann Harris.

4 August 2015. Yazidi boy, four, is forced to join ISIS terror camp to learn Sharia Law, the Koran and given sword to behead his own MOTHER. By Owen Holdaway.

3 August 2015. Yazidis ask for help, hold onto hope By Chris Dunker

3 August 2015. Grace: In Lincoln, Yazidis marshal support for relatives held captive by Islamic State.

3 August 2015. ISIS Forces Assyrian Christian Woman to Stomp on Image of Jesus While Holding Gun to Her Head. By Leah Marieann Klett.

3 August 2015.  Iraq: UN officials underscore need to bring perpetrators of Sinjar tragedy to justice. Big News Network.

1 August 2015. Boots on the ground, head in the clouds. By James Brown.

1 August 2015. US report: ISIS still kidnapping and selling women. By Zhelwan Z. Wali. Rudaw.

30 July 2015. A Call to Formally Label ISIS Attacks on Christians, Yezidis as Genocide. By Abigail R. Esman.

30 July 2015. Assyrian Christian woman shares story of captivity by Islamic State. By Gaja Pellegrini-Bettoli. Al Monitor.

29 July 2015. U.N. Security Council passes Resolution 2233 adopted on regarding Iraq and the threat of terrorist groups.

28 July 2015. Assyrian Federation “Khayadta”: Armenia must take up role of leader of struggle against genocides. Panorama am.

27 July 2015. UNPO’s XII General Assembly Adopts Assyria Resolution. Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO).

27 July 2015. A Support Network Among Yazidi Women. By Taban Shoresh, Director of PR and Media, Rwanga Foundation. The Huffington Post.

26 July 2015. Australian Labor Party National Conference Condemns Attempted Genocide of Assyrians in Iraq. AINA.

24 July 2015. Turkey of refugees, among the Yazidis in Diyarbakır. By Dimitri Bettoni. Osservatorio Balcaniecaucaso, Diyarbakır.

23 July 2015. Yezidi girl urges UK to take action against ISIS. ARA News.

23 July 2015. Underground Railroad to Save Yazidi Women from the Islamic State Could Offer Critical Intel. By Catherine Powell. Council on Foreign Relations.

22 July 2015. EXCLUSIVE – British jihadi bride did nothing as I was raped and beaten with a pipe by her brutal ISIS thug husband: Yazidi sex slave reveals her horrifying ordeal. By Owen Holdaway. Daily Mail.

22 July 2015. Christian refugees languish in camps, looking for hope. By Arina Moradi. Rudaw.

21 July 2015. Yazidis Say They Are Being Targeted for Christian Conversion. ByJamie Dettmer. Voice of America.

21 July 2015. New Constitution Provides for Yazidi MPs in Armenia, Ethnic minorities to be represented in move to parliamentary system. By Luke Coleman. Bas News.

20 July 2015. Inside an IS training camp, kidnapped Yezidi boys trained to behead on dolls. i24 News.

19 July 2015. ISIS Plants Land Mines In Christian Civilian Homes, Ancient Ruins Across Iraq, Syria. By Alessandria Masi. AINA.

18 July 2015. These Yezedi Girls Escaped ISIS .Now What? (1-2). Sudan Vision, an Independent Daily.

18 July 2015. Raising cash to bring Yazidi family to city, Parents, five kids forced to flee to Turkish refugee camp. By Carol Sanders. Winnepeg Free Press.

18 July 2015. Islamic State Executes 200 Christians. AWS News, Bas News.

18 July 2015. Giving Bibles to scarred Yezidi refugees must stop. By Judit Neurink. Rudaw.

17 July 2015. Isis Monsters and Christian Victims. By Jack Kerwick. AINA.

17 July 2015. Yazidi girls raped five times a day by sadistic ISIS fighters who burned them with cigarettes before letting six more men abuse them at once: Sex slaves reveal the hell they endured before escaping to UK. By Sam Tonkin. Daily Mail.

16 July 2015. Two Baghdad Assyrians Killed After Kidnapping. AINA

14 July 2015. Aram I and Assyrian Patriarch stress necessity to give a new impetus to cooperation between two churches. Armen Press.

14 July 2015. EXCLUSIVE – ISIS gunmen checked boys’ ages by their armpit hair and tricked us into choosing Islam or death: Yazidis reveal how they survived slaughter of 800 men by playing dead in mass grave. By Owen G. Holdaway. Daily Mail.

13 July 2015. 4th Century Assyrian Church in Turkey Could Be Turned Into a Mosque. By Carey Lodge.

12 July 2015. Abandoned and Betrayed, Iraqi Assyrians Rise Up to Reclaim Their Land. By Florian Neuhof.

10 July 2015. Priest Feared Kidnapped in Syria Released. AINA.

8 July 2015. Kurdish Democrat Party reaches out to Assyrian Democratic Movement. Downloaded from the facebook pages of Radio Ashur.

7 July 2015. Mosul: Isis Blows Up Another Ancient Church in Iraq, 4 Children Killed Accidentally. By Johnlee Varghese. 
International Business Times.

7 July 2015. These Yezedi Girls Escaped ISIS .Now What? Sudan Vision, An Independent Daily.

6 July 2015. Assyrians find hope in liberation from ISIS. By Jesse McDonald.

4 July 2015. Regional Faith Leaders Calling For Protection of Refugees. By Alexander Nguyen. San Anselmo-Fairfax Patch.

4 July 2015. Fate of Iraqi Assyrians Hangs in Balance As They Wait for West Aid, Kurdish Autonomy. By Monica Cantilero. Assyrian International News Agency.

3 July 2015. Kurds declare jihad against Assyrians on You Tube.

3 July 2015. Daesh threatens to target Christians in Arab countries and the world. Click here for Arabic. Click here for rough English translation by Google translator.

2 July 2015. Renewed Calls for Protection of Assyrians, Yezidis in Iraq and Syria. AINA.

30 June 2015. Russian security service issues list of Daesh supporters, including al-Hashemi & Barzani. A google translator version in English is on the second page.

29 June 2015. Yazidis hoping to enter Europe sent back to border camp in southeast Turkey. By Sevde Nur TUNÇ and Rauf Ahmet. Today’s Zaman.

29 June 2015. Is the way the media reports Islamic State’s treatment of women making things worse? By Samira Shackle. New Statesman.

29 June 2015. Iraqi Yazidi refugees return to Turkey after failing to reach Europe. Middle East Monitor.

29 June 2015. Yazidis left on Istanbul streets after failed attempts to cross to Bulgaria. By By Dina al-Shibeeb. Al Arabiyah News.

28 June 2015. Kurdish Yezidi refugees halted from entering Bulgaria by Turks. Rudaw.

27 June 2015. ISIS Sells 42 Yazidi Women to Militants in Syria. AINA.

27 June 2015. Save the Iraqi Yezidis from Genocide! By Dr. Phyllis Chesler. Breitbart.

26 June 2015. Internal conflicts ruins historical heritage of the Middle East. Instanbul. Daily Sabah with Anadolu Agency.

26 June 2015. A Century After the Genocide, Assyrian Diaspora Head Home to Turkey. By Olivia Dehez. AINA.

25 June 2015. A Toronto man is defying ISIS, using neo-Assyrian tablets. By Ethan Lau. Toronto Star.

23 June 2015. Germany to train Yazidis to fight ISIL in Iraq. Today’s Zaman, Istanbul.

23 June 2015. Isis’ Ramadan Competition: Memorise Quran, Get Yazidi Sex Slaves as Prize. By Mughda Variyar. International Business Times.

23 June 2015. ISIS gave away sex slaves as prizes in Quran contest. Fox News. New York Post.

23 June 2015 Top Iraqi Yazidi Commander Visits Armenia; Seeks Creation of Independent Military and Political Force. Hetq.

23 June 2015. Germany to Train Yazidi Force to Combat ISIS as Hundreds Remain Stranded on Mount Sinjar. By Edwin Mora. Breitbart.

22 June 2015 In Pursuit of the Right to Self-Determination: UNPO Members’ Struggles Highlighted in The Economist. United Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO).

22 June 2015 Islamic State Forces Yazidi Prisoners to Fast and Pray. Bas News.

22 June 2015 ISIS offer a Yazidi sex slave as a PRIZE for memorising the Koran in sick ‘celebration’ of Ramadan by Tom Wyke. Daily Mail.

18 June 2015. Five Muslim Kurds Take Two Major Christian Militia Leaders, Tie Them With Ropes, And Torture Them. The Kurds Then Execute One Of The Christians In Point Blank Range, And Then Shoot The Other Christian In The Throat. By Theodore Shoebat. Awareness and Action.

18 June 2015. U.N. Security Council passes Resolution 2225 regarding children in armed conflict.

19 June 2015 Yazidi temple, third in the world, opened in Tbilisi. Democracy and Freedom Watch.

19 June 2015 ISIS Holds 227 Assyrian Christians Hostage as World Watches Genocidal ‘Ethno-Religious Cleansing in the Middle East,’ Says Relief Worker. By Stoyan Zaimov. Christian Post World.

19 June 2015 – 150 ISIS Sex Slaves Commit Suicide, Some Fed to Dogs

27 May 2015. U.N. Security Council passes Resolution 2222 regarding protecting civilians, particularly journalists and media representatives in armed conflict worldwide.

18 May 2015 Yazidi society changes to try and rescue a generation of traumatized women

18 May 2015 After Syria Raid, FBI Questions ISIS Wife And Yazidi Slave

13 May 2015 Yezidi man stoned to death in Iraqi Kurdistan, community demands justice

12 May 2015 Forcing Captive Yazidi Children to Train as Child Jihadis

13 May 2015 The Price Of Freedom: Syrians Smuggle Yazidis From IS, At A Cost – Yezidis are forced to pay twice: once for the captors, once for the smugglers

12 May 2015 Syrians Smuggle Yazidis From IS, At A Cost

11 May 2015 ISIS Acts of Terrorism: Militants Purges Homosexuals, Stones them to Death; Yazidi Women and Young Girls Kept as ‘Sex Slaves’

10 May 2015 Yezidis demand autonomy: leader

9 May 2015 Shangal, The Land Of Legends In Chains

8 May 2015 UN Official: ISIS Forces Girls to Undergo Virginity Surgeries, Marry Them Off 20 Times

7 May 2015 Senior UN official warns of ‘widespread and systematic’ sexual violence in Syria, Iraq.

6 May 2015 – American Mesopotamian Organization: US Government Must Not Directly Arm Iraqi Kurds and Sunni Arab Militias with Heavy Weapons.

4 May 2015. Nichols condemns the murder of Yazidis in Iraq. By Abigail Frymann Rouch and Liz Dodd. The Tablet, the International Catholic News Agency.

4 May 2015. Yazidi Activists, Lawmaker Slam ‘Irresponsible’ Mass Killing Claims. Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty.

3 May 2015. ISIS kills some 25 captive Yezidis. Rudaw.

2 May 2015. Questions President Obama should ask Kurdistan President Barzani. By Michael Rubin. EKurd Daily.

2 May 2015. Report: ISIS executes 300 Yazidis in Iraq. Haaretz.

2 May 2015. Islamic State: Militants “kill 300 Yazidi captives.” BBC News.

2 May 2015. ISIS Accused Of Executing 600 Yazidi Prisoners, Dumping Bodies On A Highway (Disturbing Video). Inquisitr.

2 May 2015. Islamic State radicals execute up to 600 in northern Iraq, reports say. By Doug G. Ware. United Press International.

2 May 2015. ISIS Militants Execute 600 Yezidis Northern Iraq. By Sarbaz Yousef and Ali Isso. Assyrian International News Agency.

2 May 2015. ISIS militants execute 600 Yezidis northern Iraq. Ara News, Pulse of the North.

1 May 2015 ISIS Demands $23 Million for Assyrian Hostages, Vigil Held in Australia – The negotiations have failed and these approximately 230 Assyrians will stand trial in Shariya Court, including 52 children.

April 2015. ISIL’s sex slaves recount horrific stories of rape, abuse. Hurriyet Daily News.

30 April 2015. Iraq urged to join ICC to bring ISIS leaders to justice. By Judit Neurink. Rudaw.

29 April 2015. ISIL’s sex slaves recount horrific stories of rape, abuse. Daily News.

26 April 2015. Traumatised Yazidi girls are having secret abortions and operations to repair virginity after months of being used as sex slaves by Isis fighters. By Sara Malm and Elaine O’Flynn.

25 April 2015. 100 years after Armenian Genocide: ethnic groups still face extermination. Pan Armenian Net.

22 April 2015. Isis in Iraq: ‘2 Yazidi girls kill themselves every day’ after being raped by insurgents. By Ludovica Iaccino. International Business Times.

23 April 2015. ISIS Jihadis Repeatedly Raped Terminal Cancer Patient as ‘Prize’ for Battle; Sex Slaves Beaten for Crying. CP World.

27 April 2015. EXCLUSIVE: Up to 60 girls per MONTH committing suicide following vile Islamic State abuse. By Tom Batchelor. Express.

27 April 2015. Report details ‘horrific’ abuse of Yazidi women and girls by ISIS in Iraq. CTV News.

21 April 2015. Tension between PKK and KRG escalates due to strategic value of Sinjar. Sunday’s Zaman. Ankara.

18 April 2015. Registration for Shiite Militia Force Continues in Sinjar Area, People in the area with connections to PKK still registering Yezidis as Shiite militia. Bas News.

18 April 2015. Iraqi President to Visit Turkey This Week. Bas News.

17 April 2015. Car bomb kills three outside U.S. consulate in Iraq’s Kurdish capital. By Isabel Coles. Reuters. Reuters.

17 April 2015. Report details ‘horrific’ abuse of Yazidi women and girls by ISIS in Iraq. CTV News.

17 April 2015 ISIS Child Rape Survivors Need Help. Newsweek Magazine.

17 April 2015. Interfaith Groups Unite in Call for Aid to Yezidis.

17 April 2015. Never Again Should Include Endangered Yazidis. Algemeiner

17 April 2015. Berkeley Community Leaders Stand Up for Yazidi People. J Weekly.

17 April 2015. United Religions Initiative Faith Leaders: Killing and Mistreatment of Yezidis Must Stop

16 April 2015. What jihadis plan for women. By Frida Ghitis. CNN.

16 April 2015. Yezidi New Year Marred Memories. Newsweek Magazine.

16 April 2015. Girls Who Escaped ISIS Describe Systematic Rape. Time Magazine.

16 April 2015. Never Again Should Include Endangered Yazidis. By Rabbi Abraham Cooper. Huffington Post.

15 April 2015. Faith Leaders: Killing and Mistreatment of Yezidis Must Stop. URI North America.

15 April 2015. Daily Star, Lebanon, UN Envoy to visit Iraq and Syria to address sexual violence

8 April 2015. Armenpress Armenian Parliament Condemns Violence Against Iraqi Yezidis

8 April 2015. Armenian Parliament Calls for End to Persecution of Yezidis by Islamic State. Hatq

29 March 2015. Ravishankar gets ‘IS threats’, by courier. By Charu Sudan Kasturi. Calcutta. The Telegraph.

28 March 2015 Kurdish Yazidi MP Addresses Security Council at the United Nations

28 March 2015. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s ‘Art of Living’ gets ISIS threat letters. The Times of India.

27 March 2015. Kurdish Yezidi politician urges UN for help against ISIS. By James Reini. Rudaw.

24 March 2015. Armenia Recognizes Assyrian and Greek Genocides.

19 March 2015 New York Times United Nations Investigators Accuse ISIS of Genocide Over Attacks on Yazidis

27 February 2015 New York Times Destruction of Antiquities by ISIS Militants Is Denounced (focus on Assyrians)

16 December 2014 Fox News Iraq’s quiet Christian genocide

21 October 2014 New York Times U.N. Cites ISIS Genocide Threat (focus on Yezidis)

1 September 2014 AINA Further Arming the Kurds Could Prove Dangerous