Documentaries, Videos and Clips

Documentaries, Videos and Clips

28 December 2015. Iraqi soldiers found several ISIS-related mobile phones, one in the dead body of a prominent leader, carrying messages from Turkish intelligence agencies.

August 20th 2015. Kurdish and & Yazidi women fighting ISIS – BBC News


July 2015. Forces of so-called ISIL kick over tombs of dead soldiers. Live Leak video.


14 July 2015 Escaping ISIS. Using undercover footage, FRONTLINE presents the gripping, first-hand accounts of women who escaped the brutal reign of ISIS — and follows an underground network that’s helping them escape.

14 May 2015 – United Nations Security Council session, including report of the Special Representative of the Secretary General and Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (This is the video for the 7443rd meeting of the Security Council)

14 May 2015 – United Nations Women’s International Forum briefing on ISIS by Michael Weiss. (Mr. Weiss was late for the session, so begin listening at minute 40:00.)

30 April 2015 United States Congressional Briefing on ISIS’ Involvement in Human Trafficking Briefing

30 April 2015

12 April 2015

15 April 2015 Interfaith Press Conference. Berkeley, California.

26 March 2015  Faith & International Affairs conference call hosted by the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE) includes a discussion was held regarding the future of Iraq.

26 February 2015 Listening to Those in the Region by The Cradle Fund (TCF), which is administered by the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE) to support the rescue, restoration, and return of Middle Eastern Christians and other ethno/religious people to a home where they can live and practice their faith free from fear.

29 November 2014 The Last Plight, a documentary about the present plight of the Assyrians and Yezidis