Religious leaders call for zone of protection and international protection force

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Religious leaders call for an international protection force as

Kurds declare jihad on the world’s oldest Christian community

And Yezidis brace for more torture, enslavement and slaughter



Masked Kurds tear paper flags, set a flag on fire, and flip the bird to Assyrian Christians in a video declaring jihad against the world’s oldest Christian community.[i] Two weeks earlier, Russia’s FSB—successor to the KGB—issued a comprehensive list of supporters of so-called-ISIL, including individuals and governments. Kurdish President Masoud Barzani and former Iraqi Vice President al Hashemi are the list.[ii]

During Ramadan, unidentified terrorists are issuing death threats to Yezidis in refugees camps by calling them on their cell phones or sending messages, like this one: “We know who you are! We know where you are! We’re going to finish Ramadan, celebrate Eid al Fitr and then we’re coming after you and the all Yezidis!”

Assyrian Christian refugees are receiving the same type of anonymous death threats, but the terrorists are going a step further by pinpointing the location of the Assyrian Christian’s family members who live elsewhere and threatening them as well.

The same death threats were received a year ago by different Assyrian Christians and Yezidis on their cell phones. In the aftermath of last year’s calls, so-called-ISIL forced over 200,000 Assyrian Christians from their homes during Ramadan and forced over 420,000 Yezidis from their homes after Ramadan. Between the two communities, 11,000 to 12,000 were slaughtered in Iraq and the KRG alone.[iii] (We have no figures for lives lost in these specific communities in Syria.)

Among the slaughtered in 2014, men were beheaded before the eyes of their wives and children. 2000 boys were kidnapped, forced to convert and become child soldiers. Over 7,000 women—and girls as young as eight—have been enslaved in brutal sexual slavery, touted by the UN’s Special Representative on Sexual Violence During Conflict as the worst ever.[iv]

What horrific fate awaits the survivors of last year’s atrocities? And who gave the terrorists access to their unlisted cell phone numbers? We call upon the UN Security Council, the United States, Canada, the European Union, the Arab League and all other States able to provide protection to the Yezidis and Assyrian Christians of Iraq and the KRG to act immediately before it is too late!