Kurds declare jihad against Assyrians

KURDS DECLARE JIHAD AGAINST ASSYRIANS – On 3 July 2015, a Kurdish group issued a video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVO79GM-rAc&feature=youtu.be declaring jihad against Assyrians. Protests were filed with You Tube, and subsequently a message appear that the video was removed by the user.

The English subtitles on the video stated that they will destroy Assyrians because Assyrians are destroying Kurds in Syria, and that they are wearing masks in the video because “our people in our government, the KRG [Kurdistan Regional Government] are helping you.”

The photo below is the closing frame of the video. The Kurdish flag, which is the flag of the Kurdistan Regional Government, is on the wall and propped up lower center. During the video, the people on the left and right front and back tore up paper Assyrian flags. The person in the center set the Assyrian flag on fire. The flag is actually aflame in this photo which was the last frame of the video.

Kurdish group declars jihad against Assyrian Christians

It appears that ethnic groups in the region have their own flag independent of whether they have their own country, or a region or province within a country.