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Iraq on Vulnerable Group Human Rights Watch 2009


May 2015 The Beautiful Yezidi People and the Atrocities They Are Suffering

2014 Timeline of Yezidi farmans (attacks/attempts at annihilation of Yezidis) from 1805 to 2014, prepared by Idan Barir, translated (from Hebrew to English) by Nadav Heidecker, infographics by Ayelet Raziel

1917 Timeline of Yezidi farmans (attacks/attempts at annihilation of Yezidis) from 637 to 1917, prepared by Yezidi Human Rights International-Organization


2014 The Assyrians A People Without Rights, published by the International Association International Gulf Organization

January 2015 Assyrian Genocide Factsheet 2015 prepared by the Assyrian Aid Society

December 2006 “Native Christians Massacred”: The Ottoman Genocide of the Assyrians during World War Iby Hannibal Travis. 

Assyrians and Yezidis

13 May 2015 United States House of Representatives, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Hearing: Ancient Communities Under Attack: ISIS’s War on Religious Minorities

Sexual Slavery

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The Shabaks are Muslims with their own unique ethnicity. Approximately seventy percent of the Shabak people are Shi’a. We have been informed that, as of April 20145 approximately 300 Shi’ite Shabaks have been murdered by Daesh and there are reports of other atrocities.

We have also been informed that approximately one-quarter of the Shabak people are Sunni and there have been reports of a small number Sunni Shabaks joining Daesh (ISIS).


The Turkmen are also Muslims with their own ethnicity. Some Turkmen of Northern Iraq are Shi’ite and there are reports that many Shi’ite Turkmen men have been murdered and 300 Shi’ite Turkmen women have been kidnapped.

The majority of Northern Iraq’s Turkmen are Sunni. We have been informed that Daesh forces are committing atrocities against Sunni Turkmen, including murder. We have also been informed that some Sunni Turkmen have committed atrocities against Yezidis.