Who are the Yezidis?

Yezidis and Assyrians are facing eradication and extinction in Iraq. For the Yezidis, this is the 74th farman (decree of ethnic cleansing) in 700 years. During the previous 73 farman, the worldwide Yezidi population was reduced from 24 million to less than 1 million through torture, murder and forced conversion. So-called-ISIS declared jihad against Yezidis in 2014 and forced over 400,000 from their homes, slaughtering thousands of men and hundreds of women and children, forcing 2000 boys to convert and become child soldiers and enslaving over 5000 women and as young as 8 girls in brutal sexual slavery. Yezidis have their own religion. They are persecuted for not having a holy book; for accepting the Jewish-Christian-Muslim prophets while not practicing Islam; for believing in reincarnation and having a caste system; and for being mistakenly associated with Yazid Ibn Muhawiya who was responsible for the death of Prophet Mohammed’s, pbuh, grandson Husayn. 

For more about the Yezidis, see https://www.yezidis-assyrians.org/articles-and-videos/resources/.