Who are the Assyrians?

Assyrian Christians are the oldest continuous Christian community in the world. Between 1990 and 2014, the Assyrian population in Iraq was reduced from 1.4 million to just 400,000 through murder. forced conversion and being forced out of the country by al-Qaida and other extremists. Hundreds of thousands of Assyrians fled from Iraq to Syria prior to 2006, only to be caught in the Syrian civil war and as victims of so-called-ISIS. So-called-ISIS declared jihad against Assyrians in 2014 and have forced almost 250,000 from their homes, slaughtering hundreds of men and tens of women and children, enslaving hundreds of women in brutal sexual slavery; and holding hundreds of women, men and children as hostages and murdering many of them. 

For more about the Assyrians, see https://www.yezidis-assyrians.org/articles-and-videos/resources/.